Objectives and Recipients

The project NUCIF ( Network de Universidades for the Meeting and Integration of Frontiers ) intends to transfer European good practices in the planning and management of cross-border economic development cooperation instruments and stems from the need to strengthen and consolidate another networking experience between Latin American universities that takes the name of NUCIF NETWORK ( Red de Univerisdades de Fronteras ) with the aim of favoring the formation, research and development of the universities of the four areas involved: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay .

The main objectives of the project are:

1. Building a model of network governance open to local public bodies and companies, capable of monitoring and proposing training and research programs, to reduce the distance between universities and society and cooperate in order to find a solution to the socio-economic problems of the areas concerned ;

2. Favor the specialization of universities on certain themes of cross-border development (agro-industry, environment and climate change, tourism and the circular economy) for the exchange of know-how and the dissemination of resources through the construction of a real Network platform;

3. Propose and carry out internships and curricular courses in universities in favor of regional integration and cross-border development policies; and to adopt the CLAR system of valorisation and recognition of knowledge and skills through the mobility of students and other professional figures (technical and academic).

The objectives of the project are, therefore, oriented towards strengthening economic and social development